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Advanced Tier 1

Page history last edited by Chris Borgmeier 8 years, 10 months ago

Advanced Universal Systems

Created by Chris Borgmeier, PhD


The following materials are for continuing implementation of Tier 1/Universal SW-PBIS systems.

The assumption is that school teams are successfully implementing the foundational aspects of Tier 1:

  • Active Team w/ Monthly Meetings
  • SW-Rules & Expectations defined
  • SW-Rules & Expectation taught
  • Acknowledgment System
  • Consistent, Fair Consequence System
  • Discipline Data System



AZ 2013

Training 1 - Day 1


Training 1 - Day 2 

  • Team Initiated Problem Solving
    • Training on effective teaming and using data to inform decision making 
    • Additional resources are available through University of Oregon site 


Parent Involvement



School-wide PBIS Classroom Systems 


Bully Prevention Training



This site was developed by Chris Borgmeier, PhD

Portland State University Department of Special Education

Contact Chris at cborgmei@pdx.edu


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